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Comdial DX-120 Telephone System • Details

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Comdial DX-120 SystemComdial DX-120 System

Comdial DX-120 System Description

The Comdial®DX-120TM system delivers enterprise-grade productivity without the complexity, cost and management responsebilities of a larger system. Its modular architecture and both analog and digital trunking (T1 and ISDN-PRI) enable small enterprises to get started today with a reliable digital communications solution with the assurance that it can be expanded to grow in step with the business. Admistration is fast and easy with the modern options, which enable remote access and configuration of system parameters. Growing your communications systm to keep pace with the success of your business has never been so easy - or so affordable.

Comdial DX-120 Telephones

Telephones for the Comdial DX-120 Telephone System

The Comdial®DX-120TM system includes a family of ergonomic, sleek telephones to meet extremely broad range of requirements: a full featured desktop Executive Telephone with 30 programmable buttons, a full-featured 2.4 GHz Cordless Speakerphone and a Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console with 64 LED-Illuminated programmable buttons for businesses needing a live attendant.

Comdial DX-Comdial20Comdial Edge 120 Speakerphone

Edge 120 Speakerphone details

This sleek, ultramodern telephone puts you in control of your business communications. You get nearly 200 time-saving calling features that include:

  • Interactive LCD: Displays critical information, including Caller ID, call status and message waiting status. Three softkeys bellow the LCD screen allow you to select from a displayed menu of calling and configuration options.
  • 30 Button Programmability: The 30 red/green dual-color LED buttons can be programmed to do customized tasks that meet your personal needs. For example, you can program a button to dial favorite extensions, access speed-dial numbers, page a colleague, park a call, or let you take a breather with "Do Not Disturb" mode and much more - all with a single push. You can also program a button to function as a Call Key, which will provide status for a pool of CO Lines, to aid in multiple call handling.
  • Busy Off Hook Voice Announce: The DX-120TM can make sure that important calls through by making an announcement over the speakerphone even if you're already on another call.
  • Connections: A headset jack makes life easer for professionals who depend on constant communications.

Comdial DX-Comdial20Comdial Edge 120 DSS

Edge 120 DSS Button Console details

The Edge 120 DSS is for offices tha require a live receptionist, the sleek DX-120TM Console expands the designated attendant's extension with 64 additional red/green dual-color LED Buttons to connectivity to system telephones.

Comdial DX-Comdial20Comdial Edge 120 Cordless Speakerphone

Edge 120 Cordless Speakerphone details

How much would your everyday efficiency be enhanced if you could freely carry a full-featured speakerphone throughout the office, plant or facility? Now you can! Customer satisfaction soars with the 2.4 GHz DX-120TM Cordless Speakerphone because attendants, warehouse and production personnel, roving employees, technical support professionals and retail representative can freely move about a warehouse or an office check files, confirm inventory or report on project status while keeping the caller on the line. Features include six programmable keys and one base station can support two cordless phones. With the DX-120TM Cordless, your personnel can respond issues with a level of efficiency that will differentiate your business from the competition.

Comdial DX-120 System • Details & Benefits

Competitive Edge with the DX-120 Edge System

Some of the Features

Your basic DX-120TM system delivers nearly 200 powerful communications features right out of the box, giving your business a jump start on the competition. Some of the features you will be able to take advantage are listed bellow.

  • Built-in Caller ID: The callers's name and number are clearly displayed on both digital and Caller ID-capable analog telephone sets, providing Caller ID information regardless of extension type
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID): With T1 or ISDN PRI trunking, the DX-120TM supports up to 100 DID numbers for direct caller access to personnel, greetings such as directions or hours, mailboxes, hotlines, departments and fax
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD): Allows extension to be linked for call handling, enabling efficient utilization of your customer service resources. Incoming calls can be forwarded to the next available agent or on a per-group basis (sales, tech support, etc.) using Liner, Distributed or All Ring modes
  • "Meet-Me" Conferencing: In addition to supporting standard conference calling, the DX-120TM also supports eaght "Meet-Me" conference bridges. All parties can dial directly into a conference call from the road or inside the office
  • Tenant Servide: By configuring tenant groups, one DX-120TM system can be configured to serve multiple premises while meeting the specific customization requirements of each. Paired with its two Music-on-Hold sources, DX-120TM can serve multiple offices and meet specific customization requirements of each.
  • Fax Detection: The DX-120TM supports automatic fax detection with analog trunking, eliminating the expense of a separate fax line.
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR): Track data for incoming and outgoing CO calls; connects to printer or serial interface
  • Music-on Hold: One internal music source is included in the DX-120TM System. Two jacks are provided for external music inputs
  • Public Address Interface: Connect the DX-120TM to speakers or a horn - a perfect solution for warehouses and general paging needs
  • Door/Gate Control Interface: Use your phone to operate a contact closure to open a door or gate, or ring a loud bell or other device

Boost Business Efficiency

More amazing options

To further enhance your businesses productivity and efficiency, the DX-120TM system includes a broad array or options on top of the standard capabilities of this amazing system.

  • T1 and ISDN-PRI Trunking: The DX-120TM supports T1 and ISDN-PRI trunking as well as analog trunking to support up to 40x80x8 configuration. T1/PRI turnking also enables Direct Inward Dialing for up to 100 numbers. The DX-120TM also supports External Call Forwarding for DID calls, assuring that users can always be reached
  • Corporate OfficeTM Voicemail Module: The DX-120TM digital voice processing card provides fully intergrated voice messaging - including automated attendant and all recording. In addition, the DX-120TM does not require any communication system extension port needs. Choose from two voicemail memory options - a flash memory module with 8 hours of message capacity; or a hard drive card a full 150 hours of message capacity and a built-in modem that enables remote access and configuration of the DX-120TM system, including voicemail
  • Automated Attendant Module: This dedicated modlue handles incoming calls when a live attendant is unavailable, It's quickly and easily customizable to direct callers to the appropriate extension or department
  • Modem Module: The DX-120TM Modem Module enable remote access and configuration of system parameters, virtually eliminating response time and service costs
  • Expansion Boards: Need more capacity? Add a T1 or PRI Card, a 4-port CO Line Module, an 8-port or 16-port Digital Station Module, a 4-port Analog Station Module or a Modem Module to meet your requirements
  • Expansion Cabinet: An optional expansion cabinet can be connect to the base cabinet to provide capacities up to 40x80x8