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Supported Axxess Telephones

With the Inter-tel Axxess your business can access the communications technologies that will best meet your business needs - when you're ready to deploy them - with an Axxess converged communications system. Axxess lets you integrate new VoIP technologies and devices with traditional analog systems, giving you the flexibility to gradually and cost effectively migrate to an IP-based communications solution that runs on your corporate network.

This flexible, scalable platform supports a variety of other applications and devices for integrating voice, video and data to enable rich communications, improved business efficiency and lower total costs than other larger systems.

Inter-tel Axxess 8000 Series Telephones

Telephones for the evolved 8000 Series

Axxess Basic 550.8500
Axxess Executive 550.8560
Axxess Standard 550.8520
Axxess DSS 550.8450 (50 button DSS)
Axxess Mini DSS 550.8416 (16 button DSS)

Inter-tel Axxess 4000 Series Telephones

Telephones for the evolved 4000 Series

Axxess Basic 520.4300
Axxess Executive 550.4100/550.4500
Axxess Standard 550.4400/550.4000
Axxess DSS 550.4200 (60 button DSS)
Axxess MDPM

Inter-tel Axxess 8000 Series IP-phones

IP-based Telephones - 8000 Series

Axxess IP 550.8600
Axxess IP 550.8622
Axxess IP 550.8660
Axxess IP 550.8662

Inter-tel Axxess 4000 Series IP-phones

IP-based Telephones - 4000 Series

Axxess IP 770.4500
Axxess IP 770.4600

Inter-tel Axxess Wireless Telephones

Wireless - Cordless Inter-tel Axxess Telephone Sets

Inter-tel Cordless INT2000
Inter-tel Cordless INT4000