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Welcome to the world of convergence. Not just the convergence of voice and data, but also the convergence of wire and wireless communications. The convergence of wired and wireless communications gives you the full functionality of traditional communications platforms plus the convenient, efficient, nonstop access that wireless appliances provide. Additionally, the convergence of voice and data on on integrated platform provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for your enterprise communication demands, Truly, this new world of convergence draws on teh best of all worlds - for more efficient, more flexible, a more complete enterprise communications.

Combining its expertise in wireless communications, core networks, digital technology and IP functionality, Samsung brings you the OfficeServ 7200 converged communication system. As a completely converged platform, OfficeServ 7200 supports both voice and data communication, voice over IP, IP-based data and wireless solutions through a Wireless LAN -OfficeServ 7200 supports them all. Simultaneously!

OfficeServ 7200 handles voice calls and data using a flexible array of 10/100 Base-T interfaces that may be used for Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Are Network (WAN). This provides an integrated wired and wireless platform that conveniently supports Samsung VoIP applications, OfficeServ Wireless (WLAN) phones, traditional phones, PCs, servers and other peripherals to suit your business communication needs, whatever they may be.

The OfficeServ 7200 solution includes the powerful, cost-effective SVMI-20E messaging platform. The SVMI-20E is a fully integrated voice-processing platform that provides flexible auto attendant/call processing and, thanks to the Samsung E-Mail Gateway, delivers voicemail to your SMTP e-mail client as a .wav file attachment. Exclusive to the OfficeServ 7200, the SVMi-20E is a modular, money-saving solution for future port migration. With the SVMi-20E, your voice processing system grows as your business grows. Simply plug in additional four port modules to expand from 4 to 12 ports. This is investment protection at its best.

Advanced Data Applications

Superior Business Value

Using the firewall, NAT routing, VPN, VLAN and manages switch cpabilities of the OfficeServ 7200, advanced data applications provide a superior business value.

  • Multi-User Network/Internet Access - Connect your DSL, cable modem or T1 directly for office-wide Internet access
  • Multi-User Network/Internet with WLAN - Connect your DSL, cable modem or T1 directly to share access with wired and WiFi-enabled devices
  • Remote IP Phones with Existing Data Infrastructure - With a single IP from your ISP, connect multiple Samsung IP phones across the Internet without third-party router installation or configuration
  • Local IP Phones with QoS - Connect multiple IP phones on the LAN using Samsung's add-on WIM and PLIM to create an enforceable QoS model
  • Remote Branching Network - Remotely connect to any supported iDCS or OfficeServ system using embedded data capabilities
  • Multiple Internet Connections - Connect multiple Internet connections allowing segregated voice and data on different networks
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) - Secure your VoIP and data network using the embedded IDS system

Wireless Technology

OfficeServ 7200 Wireless

The OfficeServ wireless solutions provide seamless integration with your wired network, allowing you and your workers to stay connected without being tied down, You'll have access to voice and data from anywhere within your building thanks to your IP-enabled platform and wireless LAN access point.

IP Terminals

Available IP Terminals




Digital Keysets

Available Digital Keysets







DS-5064B AOM

DS 14-Button Strip

Data ModulesInterface Types
WIM-Layer 3 Router (3) 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Interfaces for Lan or Wan
(1) 10 Bas-T Ethernet Interface Lan or Wan
(1) V.35 Serial Connection
(1) SIO port for debugging and programming
PLIM-Layer 2 PoE Switch (16) 10/100 Base-T PoE ports per card

OfficeServ 7200 Modules • Interface

Types7200 Series
Wireless Handsets 32
Analog Phones
Digital Phones 120
Samsung IP Phones
Voice Mail 12
Maximum Stations 120
Standard IP Trunks 32 32
Standard H/323 32 32
Analog Trunks
Digital Trunks PRI 16 60
Networking Trunks (SPNet)
Maximum Trunks 60
Maximum Stations + Trunks + Voice Mail 180

OfficeServ 7200 Maximum Voice Capacities