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Samsung SVMi-8 Voicemail System

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Samsung SVMi-8

Samsung Voicemail Hardware

SVMi-8 - Overview

The SAMSUNG® SVMi-8TM is a self contained plug in voice mail/auto attendant card for the DCS, iDCS 500 and iDCS 50si. Designed to meet the demands of the sophisticated voice mail user without sacrificing simplicity. It may act and an Auto Attendant system only, a Voice mail system only or both. Out of the box the SVMi-8 can handle 4 calls simultaneously, and it can be easily upgraded to handle up to 8 calls simultaneously. No external line or power connections are necessary, these are accomplished directly through the phone system. The SVMi-8's modular design allows it to be expanded to add voice ports as needed. Because the SVMi-8 is able to handle up to 8 lines you'll never miss an important message again.

System Features:

  • Caller ID Compatible
  • Expandable
  • Fax Detection and Flexible Numbering Plan
  • Keyset Display and Soft Key Support
  • MOH Supply
  • Multiple Mailbox Support
  • Operating Mode-Oriented Call Processing
  • Operating Mode Override
  • Proprietary Design
  • Recordable System Prompts
  • Schedule Table
  • Synchronized Clock

Auto Attendant Features:

  • Alphabetic Directory (Multiple)
  • Auto Attendant Routing
  • Automatic After Hours Answering
  • Announce Hold Position
  • Announce Hold Time
  • Camp On Support
  • Direct to Mailbox
  • Holidays and Special Events
  • Incoming Call Overflow
  • Interruptible Voice Prompts
  • Maximum Greeting Length
  • Multiple Call Handling
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Operator Access
  • Single Digit Call Routing